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How To Make A Candy Bouquet Edible Arrangement Video

How To Make A Candy Bouquet Edible Arrangement

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Were you able to see my 2013 Vlogmas videos? If you haven't seen them all, I've embedded the videos below. Hope you enjoy.
[xoxo -Whitley]

❄ Vlogmas 2013 ❄

" Feature " "Feature"

Clickable Closet :|: Michelle

::Hello There::
I am so happy to announce that Diamond Candles picked me to do a detailed review for them. I've been a fan of theirs for a while so it feels spectacular to have this opportunity. Their candles are eco-friendly / natural and are 100% soy. When I lit my candle, my entire room began to smell like apples in just a few minutes!. If the candle wasn't enough, each candle they produce has a ring inside that could be worth $10 - $5,000!.  Below, I filmed a detailed hands-on review of my candle as well as the ring reveal.  

Please be sure to visit Diamond Candles, You'll love them. ^_^

Detailed Du Review & Reveal of Diamond Candle's Apple Slice Scent + Surprise

Here's a quick and easy water color nail art tutorial for you.  If you like how it turned out, please post a photo of it on my Facebook page.

white polish :: Black Polish :: small brush (old makeup brushes work fine). 

How To: Quick & Easy Bow and Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Here's a video of me applying the Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos. I also show you how to remove the Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos and give a brief review of them.

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo Tutorial, Review and Removal on Big Lips

Here's a quick and easy water color nail art tutorial for you.  If you like how it turned out, please post a photo of it on my Facebook page.

white polish :: bright colored nail polishes of your choice :: polish remover :: small brush (old makeup brushes work fine). 

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How To: Quick & Easy Watercolor Nail Art | No Water Needed

love and hiphop season two episode 12, love and hiphop atlanta

I just finished the 12th episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Two and all I can do at this point is shake my head. Here's a list of comments I had while watching.
  • 1. Bless K.Michell's friend.  Bless her little heart for trying to sing!
  • 2. Erica should have told Scrappy that HIS MOTHER went with her and wanted her to sell the ring. Also that instead of selling it for good, she chose the option where she could come back to get the ring.
  • 3. Mary Jane is THEE most thirsty female I have EVER seen! She was rubbing all over him like they were married. Kirk is stupid. If she'll sleep with you of course she'll sleep with another.
  • 4. Whoever does Mama Dee's hair needs to be FIRED!
  • 5. Erica's moms outfit?....NO...
  • 6. Whys is it that Erica's mom pops off this episode? She never did anything when they were sitting in the kitchen during the first altercation.

  • 7. Erica deserved that epic mushing. What do you think would happen if you give someone a forehead thump? He mushed her back and she did the 'running man' in her heels before falling. She was just embarrassed that she tripped. I can't stand females that think THEY can get in a mans face, forehead thump him, slap him, or punch him and THINK the guy wouldn't want you off of him. If he does hit you back or pushes you back after he told you to then want to threaten calling the police? That is crazy to me. They never need the police when they're the one putting "paws" on their men. However when he puts "paws" on you...thats when you want to reach for the phone!?  AHHH.
  • 8. Kirk is more of a female than ALL of the female cast combined. Had the audacity to even lock Rasheeda out the house! lol did you see him make a mad dash to the car? Kirk used to run track.
  • 8.5: Honestly Rasheeda & Kirk's situation has to be scripted to keep them relevant in the show. How can you be that calm? I know he's not that STUPID. You completely embarrassed and disrespected your wife of 10+ years on national television. What would your mother say ma'am?

My Two Cents on Episode 12 of The Love & Hiphop Atlanta Season Two

::Sup! ::
Since my closed-toe shoe porn video was so popular, I've decide to create an open toe shoe parade video for you. 
I hope you enjoy.

An Open Toe Shoe Parade

::Welcome to Color Splash::
Since this is an interactive layout. Feel free to gain inspiration from the outfits below. If you see something you like, give it a quick tap to see where it takes you. Also, let me know which look do you like the most. Make your comment below.

::Look #1::

::Look #2::

Clickable Closet -4- Color Splash